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The picture shows a route images of the driving simulator

Test facilities

Bicycle simulator

With a bicycle simulator, driving tests can be carried out in a virtual environment. Investigations of the influence of age, illness, fatigue, distraction or psychoactive substances on the behaviour of cyclists are only some of many possible applications. In addition, the bicycle simulator can be used to investigate effects of changing environmental conditions on perception and behaviour of cyclists – for example after road construction changes or due to the introduction of highly automated vehicles. more ...: Bicycle simulator …

The photo shows the bicycle simulator of the BAS (refer to: Bicycle simulator)

Driving simulator

With a driving simulator, driving tests can be made in a virtual environment. The Federal Highway Research Institute performs various studies with the driving simulator, for example, on the impact of age, illness, fatigue, distraction or psychoactive substances on the driver. Furthermore, the impact of changes in road structure on driver perception and behaviour can be studied prior to any construction being carried out. In addition, driving simulators can be used for the training of driving skills. more ...: Driving simulator …

The picture shows the BASt driving simulator (Picture: Hardy Holte) (refer to: Driving simulator)