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Virtual Reality (VR)

The picture shows the logo of AUGENBLICKWINKEL 360

Until a few years ago, the new technology of "computer glasses" was still considered a short-term hype, but to this day it has not only convinced the games and entertainment industry, but also business and educational institutions. In order to tap the potential of VR for road safety work, "#AUGENBLICKWINKEL360" was created on behalf of the BASt.

The picture shows an excerpt from the 360° video. You can see a cyclist next to a car

Embedded in a blended learning concept (combining the advantages of face-to-face events and e-learning), a VR application is used to raise awareness of dangers that can arise in road traffic between cyclists and car drivers. For this purpose, three 360° videos were shot on typical conflict situations between car drivers and cyclists. What they have in common is that the conflict situation is first experienced from the perspective of one party, then from the perspective of the other. In this way, car drivers are supposed to take on the perspective of cyclists and vice versa, i.e. change the EYE VIEW.

Interested parties can also follow the progress of the work on Instagram under the keyword "augenblickwinkel_360".