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Help Finder

Internet portal for support with psychological stress after traffic accidents

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Serious road accidents do not only lead to physical injuries. Psychological complaints, for example anxiety, sleep disorders or concentration difficulties, are also a frequent consequence. As the Get Off the Gas campaign "Perspectives of Concern" shows, for example, an average of 113 people are affected in every road accident resulting in death. In addition to those involved in the accident itself, this also includes those indirectly affected, such as first responders, witnesses or relatives. But even in accidents that do not result in death, injured persons and those involved can still suffer from psychological complaints years later.

Such stress reactions to an extreme event are normal at first. However, if the symptoms persist over a longer period of time or worsen, there is a risk of serious mental illness.

Against this background, the BASt in cooperation with the DVR and the VOD developed the portal www.hilfefinder.de. Here, all those affected can obtain comprehensive information on the subject of psychological consequences of accidents. For example, with the help of a trauma check, they can find out whether they are experiencing psychological stress symptoms as a result of the accident and to what extent further measures might be useful. A postcode search helps to find institutions in one's own region that offer help quickly and usually free of charge. In addition, you can find out more about other topics, for example about different treatment options, legal aspects or current research projects related to the consequences of mental accidents. The primary goal of the website is to sensitise both those affected and those providing treatment with regard to the psychological consequences of accidents and to promote rapid and targeted care for psychologically stressed road accident victims.

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