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Traffic Engineering

Roads must be safe and able to be used efficiently. At the same time, the environmental burden caused by traffic must be kept to an absolute minimum. The BASt works on concepts designed to take equal account of the requirements of road traffic safety, traffic flow, the environment and efficiency.

Current traffic statistical statements on the development of traffic in the federal trunk road network are a key requirement both for an objective and precise assessment of the existing and expected traffic flow and the planning of an appropriate infrastructure. The data needed for this purpose is obtained from surveys, particularly relating to the number, type and nationality of the trucks and their axle load,

The improvement of traffic safety enjoys a special significance when designing roads, the foundation for which is created in extensive safety analyses both of elements of the road infrastructure and of accompanying processes, such as the road safety auditing. Although particular focus is placed on traffic safety on country roads, the interests of cyclists, motorcyclists as well as pedestrians are also taken into account.

Traffic control is also part of the traffic infrastructure. In this regard, understandable and precise codes of behaviour, unambiguous traffic signs and systematic pioneering of traffic signs play an important role.

The effects of road building and traffic on the environment and human beings should be kept to an absolute minimum. For this purpose, the BASt undertakes research in the fields of noise, airborne pollutants, harmful bulk depositions in water and the soil, nature protection, landscape management and environmental compatibility.

Road equipment objects, such as markings, steel or concrete protective facilities, conduits, road signs or traffic light systems, are a key factor for a smooth flow of traffic and traffic safety. The BASt inspects these systems and participates in their continual improvement.

All road users should be able to safely use road traffic installations without congestion. Traffic management and control systems, new technologies as well as road maintenance services provide for the performance of the road network under the most diverse weather and driving conditions. The BASt is active in the constant further development of the technologies required.