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The picture shows BASt's Load frame

Test facilities


The durability of road bridges made of strengthened concrete is endangered in particular by chlorides seeping into the concrete due to damaged waterproofing, joints and transition profiles. Corrosive damage to the reinforcement steel usually only becomes visible on the upper side of a bridge once a substantial amount of damage has already been done. Furthermore, the higher volume of traffic on some bridges is leading to deficits in terms of their shear force and flexural load-bearing capacity in transverse direction. more ...: SMART-DECK …

The picture shows an overview of the functionality of the SMART-DECK monitoring system  (refer to: SMART-DECK)

Load frame

Our road network contains a large number of engineering structures: tunnels, bridges, supporting structures or openings. They are exposed to many different impacts during their useful life. more ...: Load frame …

The picture shows the load frame (refer to: Load frame)

Model tunnel

When assessing the safety of road tunnels it is necessary to look at the overall system as well as the interaction of individual components. The system encompasses the users of the tunnel, the tunnel structure, tunnel operation and vehicles. more ...: Model tunnel …

The picture shows the model tunnel (refer to: Model tunnel)