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Empirical data on bridges and civil engineering

Empirical Data Regarding Supplementary Technical Contract Conditions and Civil Engineering Guidelines (ZTV-ING)

On 1st May, 2003 the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development introduced the supplementary technical contract conditions and guidelines for civil engineering (ZTV-ING) applicable to the construction of new bridges and structures.

A compilation and restructuring of all existent supplementary technical contract conditions for bridges and civil engineering structures into one ZTV-ING and their publication as a collection of loose leafs is a prerequisite for quick and flexible contractual and technical adaptations in future, especially to product standards harmonized at the European level.

Changes to the content of existent supplementary technical contract conditions have been performed only to the extent necessary for adaptation to DIN technical reports and new European product standards. Furthermore, prototype building regulations on monitoring and quality assurance have been incorporated, and the rules of the individual ZTVs compiled into general part 1.

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