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Over the last decades, the requirements for road infrastructure and the associated tunnels have continuously evolved. Mobility is one of the most important requirements for the functioning of modern societies. In this respect, aspects for ensuring the availability and performance of road infrastructure are becoming increasingly important.

Technological progress - and digitisation in particular - has long since reached the transport sector. This applies in particular to tunnel control centres. Tunnels are monitored and controlled centrally from these centres with the support of IT systems to ensure smooth and safe operation.

However, this technological progress is also accompanied by new threats. Time and again, we hear about cyber attacks in the media that affect the state, the economy and, as a consequence, the general public. Particularly parts of important sectors such as energy supply or transport and traffic therefore represent important structures in terms of IT security that must be protected.

Within the framework of the "Cyber-Safe" research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a guideline and three software tools have therefore been developed to help the operators of tunnel control centres to improve their IT security. The guideline takes into account industry-specific concerns and describes the special features of tunnel control centres in this context.

In addition, this guide can also help operators of traffic control centres to familiarise themselves with the topic, as comparable boundary conditions can be found in many parts of the areas of organisation, personnel and technology.

The guide and the software (only in german) can be requested from BASt by e-mail: Cyber-Safe@bast.de