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The photo shows a tunnel control centre

Tunnel operation

Tunnel operating technology combines together the technical systems required in order to ensure a safe regular operation – particularly for the purpose of coping with incidents, such as stranded vehicles, accidents and fires.


A key field of tunnel operating technology is to be found in the facilities designed to support the self-rescue (escape) of tunnel users. One aspect of the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) work focuses on the investigation and assessment of innovative operating and safety technologies in relation to their effectiveness and efficiency as well as the further development and improvement of these technologies. The results so obtained are incorporated into updating the set of regulations for the equipment and operation of road tunnels.


One particular focus is on the development and promotion of technologies designed for preventive incident detection with the aim of further reducing reaction times and intervening in the incident at an early stage.

The further development of quantitative approaches – not only for the overall road tunnel system but also in relation to its individual components – is intended to broaden and simplify the application of risk-oriented safety assessments for road tunnels.

Human behaviour in the event of an incident in interaction with the tunnel operating technology is yet another area of research, in which the BASt is engaged.

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