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The photo shows a tunnel tube under construction

Tunnel construction

Tunnel construction technology comprehensively encompasses the life cycle of a tunnel structure on the federal trunk road network.


Research – ranging from the geological exploration required, via the measurements necessary to ensure the stability of the structure through to the determination of the building materials to be used – is undertaken and the results laid down in a set of regulations to be taken into consideration by the planner before the beginning of construction.

For the implementation, various construction methods are presented and requirement catalogues settled on for the use of these construction methods. In order to achieve adequate safety and level of quality of the structure once it has been opened to traffic, requirements relating to waterproofing, draining of the liquids occuring as well as the constructive protection of the users in the event of fire must continue to be taken into account.


Issues relating to these areas are discussed in the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) and processed within the framework of both internal and external research projects and dealt with in expert bodies, with the results being incorporated into the set of regulations for the federal trunk road network.

Innovative building materials and construction methods provide a particular focus in this regard, in order to increase the durability of the structures and to facilitate maintenance.

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