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The photo shows a construction site

Foundation engineering

The field of Foundation Engineering at BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) deals with the diverse aspects necessary for the construction of civil engineering structures. This area encompasses the fundamental tasks of excavation, foundation, water retention and supporting structures.


In this area, the BASt focuses both on updating the specific set of regulations for the federal trunk road network from a technical perspective and on the implementation of the Eurocodes.


Amongst other things, research projects concentrate on the development of near-surface geothermal energy by using foundation components, the crack width of foundation piles and corrugated steel structures.

The BASt has its own testing hall for the purpose of conducting mechanical load tests. This facility is equipped with an experimental pit and a load frame with a maximum load of two meganewtons, allowing both static and dynamic bench tests on structural components, supporting structures and composite earth systems to be conducted. One aspect of the research in this regard focuses on investigations relating to the internal load-bearing capacity of gabions.

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