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The photo shows a tunnel fire made with two vehicles

Civil security

In view of the different risk potentials existing, the civil security of civil engineering structures in relation to the federal trunk road network has become a key task for the state and industry.


Together with major accidents, which have devastating consequences for both tunnel and bridge structures as well as their users due to the risk of fires and collision damage ensuing, recent years have also witnessed the onset of new challenges, such as extreme weather events as well as dangers deliberately caused as a result of terrorism and (cyber) criminality, which can lead to considerable damage to structures, IT systems, control centre infrastructures as well as in relation to economic downstream costs.

The photo shows a staged tunnel fire with two vehicles


The BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute) has been undertaking research into the civil security of civil engineering structures in road traffic, with the aim of increasing the resilience of bridges and tunnels – in particular – in the road network. This has included the conducting of hazard and risk analyses, the development and application of valuation methods and identification procedures for critical structures, as well as research together with its partners in industry and science into preventive protective measures designed to reduce the extent of the damage possible and also demonstrating this on existing infrastructures.


AllTraIn: All-Hazard Guide for Transport Infrastructure

Logo of  ALLTraIn

The aim of this project is to develop an "All-Hazard Guide" for critical transport infrastructures in Europe. As a result of this project, it is intended to produce a handbook, in which all the possible hazards and risks to transport infrastructures are identified.

More information at: www.alltrain-project.eu

RAIN–EX: Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Land Transport Infrastructure against Extreme Rainfall

Logo of  RAINEX

The aim of this project is to produce a risk-based assessment methodology for the protection of transport infrastructures in the event of severe rain events resulting in flooding. In this regard, the design aspects of structures are paramount.

More information at: www.rainex-project.eu

SecMan: Security Risk Management Processes for Road Infrastructures

Logo of SecMan

The aim is to develop a handbook suitable for practical use, containing methods which enable operators or owners of the road infrastructure, to establish a security risk management within the framework of a structured and comprehensive approach.

SERON: Security of Road Transport Networks

Logo of SeRoN

A methodology for the analysis and evaluation of road networks and their road infrastructure elements in terms of their sensitivity in the event of potential extraordinary damage incidents is being developed.

SKRIBT: Protection of Critical Bridges and Road Tunnels

Logo of SKRIBT

The objective of the project SKRIBT is the identification of potential threat scenarios which could directly affect bridge and tunnel constructions and their users as well as the provision of suitable protective measures. On the basis of this, the successor project SKRIBTPlus shall focus on the driving of development of practical methods and new technologies for use in new safety systems on bridges and in tunnels, forward.

More information at: www.skribt.org

RETISS: Real Time Security Management System for Infrastructure on German and Israeli Road

Logo of RETISS

A system is being developed which will provide the operators in a control centre with real-time information on the current security level in a tunnel or on a bridge.

More information at:

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