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Chemistry, environmental protection

FD-MSCR test comparison (3616100)
The Multiple Shear Creep and Recovery Test (MSCRT) is used by the FHWA in the USA as a performance criterion for the rutting resistance of asphalt roads. The procedure is described in the AASHTO TP70 and AASHTO MP19 standards. The introduction of this process for specifying polymer-modified asphalt is being discussed within the course of European standardisation. The evaluation of the measurement principle based on a creep and relaxation process is too schematic, however. The more accurate assessment of the basic rheological principles of individual cycles is useful to enable a better assessment of the results of the test procedure. Three different sample series are to be systematically examined for this purpose. The specimens will be examined using the dynamic shear viscometer in line with the MSCR procedure and the results evaluated according to enhanced criteria. The same specimens will be analysed with the help of the force ductilometer, in particular to characterise the elastic properties. The results of the two test procedures will be systematically analysed and correlations sought.