Federal Highway Research Institute


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New BASt President

Markus Oeser is the new president of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)

Markus Oeser Photo: Daniel Carreño, hat&cap

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Markus Oeser is the new president of the BASt. Starting his work in November 2021, he succeeded the previous president Stefan Strick, who died unexpectedly in February 2021.

Markus Oeser has a long-standing research cooperation with the BASt. He was already involved in BASt projects as a research assistant at the TU Dresden, and his appointment as professor at the RWTH Aachen University enabled him to deepen this cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Markus Oeser (born 1974) studied civil engineering with a focus on structural engineering at the Technical University of Dresden.

After his doctorate (2004) and habilitation (2010), he was appointed to the RWTH in 2011, where he headed the Chair of Road Engineering and was appointed as Director of the Institute of Road Engineering, followed by his appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in 2016.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Oeser

Professor Oeser – what do you appreciate about your job?
It is the combination of science and science management that I enjoy very much. In my work as chairman of the Faculty Council for Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering (FTBGU), I worked very closely with associations, industry and politics. This task is both challenging and interesting at the same time.

What connects you with the BASt?
I have a long-standing research cooperation with BASt. I was already involved in BASt projects when I was a research assistant at the TU Dresden. Since my appointment to RWTH Aachen in 2011, I have been able to intensify this cooperation.

What appeals to you about the position of BASt President?
The BASt “... has the task of promoting the development of road engineering and, for this purpose, to provide the Ministry with scientifically sound decision-making aids for upcoming transport policy and technical issues in the field of road engineering”. This is what the website says. It makes BASt a link between research, development and politics. However, BASt also fulfils other functions. It promotes innovations in the road sector, supports the transfer of technology between research and industry, is active in setting regulations and, together with its partners, develops solutions for important social issues such as the mobility of the future. It is very exciting for me to lead such an organisation.

What will be the first thing you will do as president?
The first thing will be to get a good grasp of BASt’s processes and to learn to know the employees at the various levels. The aim is to create a solid basis of trust. After that, the technical work will start.

What would you like to achieve as BASt President?
I would like to work out solution options for sustainable mobility of the future in the team which politicians can take up and implement. For me, “sustainable” means practicable, economically sensible, ecologically compatible and socially balanced. I am thinking here in the direction of a “blue engineering” concept for the road sector.