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Annual Report 2019

Just published

Title page of the annual report

In its Annual Report 2019, the BASt has compiled a selection of its research. For example, the climate impact analysis, among other things, describes an essential research focus for the federal main road network. The new information and evaluation platform "BaustellenCheck" is presented, and reports on digitization in road equipment and maintenance as well as on various activities on the innovative test site duraBASt.

The results of current simulator and test track studies are also part of the annual report, as are the results of level 3 automation studies in real road traffic with an appropriately equipped test vehicle. Approaches to solutions for the infrastructure requirements of automated driving on motorways and federal trunk roads are presented, as well as the current status of the development of regulations in the field of vehicle technology.

The BASt scientists investigated the significance of virtual reality in road safety work. Whether influencers can be used effectively in road safety communication was also considered, as well as other proposed measures to reduce the risk of accidents, especially among young novice drivers.

Highlights as well as facts and figures in short and concise form complete the report.

The annual report can be ordered and is also available for download.

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