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IT ZEB Server

Road Monitoring and Assessment in Germany

Since 1991, the road conditions of German highways are systematically recorded with fast-moving measuring vehicles and thereafter assessed. The procedure for the road monitoring and assessment (ZEB) was developed jointly by the federal and state government, and has established organisational and technical structures.

The ZEB will be implemented for all federal highways in a four-year cycle. Since its introduction, approximately 480,000 kilometres of road have been recorded and assessed. Recording is divided into two 3 sub-projects: Evenness, traction and substance characteristics (surface). Additionally, the longitudinal and transverse gradients as well as the curvature are recorded. Since 2006, route images and since 2009, surface images, are recorded and archived.

Over the past years, the range of applications of the data has expanded. Nowadays, the data is not only used for maintenance management but also for the implementation of complex analyses. Due to an ever higher demand on the availability of the ZEB data, BASt introduced a comprehensive online ZEB information system. The implemented system, called IT ZEB Server, offers the full range of ZEB data (including grid and geometry data, route image data and visualisation services).

IT Support for the ZEB

A project as complex as the ZEB, cannot be operated without proper IT support technology and procedures. Within the framework of numerous research and development projects, the Federal Highway Research Institute has had standards, procedures and technologies developed, which support the ZEB.

The resulting developed software and databases are continually maintained, expanded and updated. The software products which serve to support the federal states and employed companies, are available free of charge from BASt. Since 2002, the entire system consisting of software and databases is operated at the Federal Highway Research Institute under the name IT ZEB.

IT ZEB Server as Information System

The growing number of users increases the cost for the provision of the ZEB findings to the federal and state governments. In order to meet the requirement of a uniform, modern type of analysis and visualisation of the findings, a comprehensive and modern online information system was developed in 2008. Current and historical ZEB data, including grid data, geometry data as well as route and surface images are made available by the IT ZEB Server.

In addition to the provision of data and assessment results, an interactive visualisation of all relevant status data is offered. This facilitates quick and easy access to the required data. In order to use the service, only an Internet browser is required.

IT ZEB Server Features

The IT ZEB Portal is the starting point for using the IT ZEB Server services. The main features include:

  • Downloading of status data, assessment results and standard programmes
  • Visualisation of the status data
  • Maps via Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Provision of data via Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • Federal statistics of the status data
  • Information on specialised topics (TP1-TP4)

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