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International organisations

Participation in international committees and organisations

The scientific cooperation between the BASt and state institutions as well as commercial enterprises in Russia will be frozen with immediate effect until further notice. Research funds and the results of our research and development projects will no longer benefit Russia until further notice. There will be no joint scientific and research policy events and no exchange of scientists until further notice. New cooperation projects between the BASt and state institutions as well as commercial enterprises in Russia will not be initiated at present.

We regret this step very much, but in view of Russia's aggressive bellicose approach towards Ukraine, we see no other choice. We stand for diverse international cooperation on the basis of peaceful coexistence of all nations and people. Unfortunately, Russia's bellicose actions towards Ukraine mean that this basis for cooperation is no longer given.

Employees at BASt are represented on some 200 committees in over 30 international organisations across all specialist disciplines of BASt. Most of the committees and those that are the largest are concerned with standardisation. Over half of all committee members work in this area.

ACEAEuropean Automobile Manufacturers Association
BMVIBundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur
C2C-CCCar2Car Communication Consortium
CEDRConference of European Directors of Roads
CENComité Européen de Normalisation
CIECommission Internationale de l’Éclairage
CITAInternational Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee
D/A/CHDeutsch-Österreich-Schweizerische Zusammenarbeit
D/FDeutsch/Französische Zusammenarbeit
ECTRIEuropean Conference of Transport Research Institutes
EEVCEuropean Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee
ERTRACEuropean Road Transport Advisory Council
ESVEnhanced Safety of Vehicles
ETRAEuropean Transport Research Allicance
EUEuropäische Union
EU-KOMEuropean Commission
Euro NCAPEuropean New Car Assessment Programme
Presidency 2010 to 2014: Andre Seeck, head of the department "Automotive engineering"
FEHRLForum of European National Highway Research Laboratories
Presidency 2014 to 2016: Stefan Strick, president of the BASt
FERSIForum of European Road Safety Research Institutes
Presidency since 2011: Dr. Horst Schulze, head of the department "Behaviour and safety"
FIAFoundation for the Automobile and Society
FSVÖsterreichischen Forschungsgesellschaft Straße, Schiene, Verkehr
IABSE International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering
ICADSInternational Committee on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety
IRTADInternational Road Traffic and Accident Database
ITRDInternational Transport Research Documentation
ISABInternational Scientific Advisary Board des IBSR/BIVV
ISALInternational Symposium on Automotive Lighting Steering Board
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
PIARCWorld Road Association / Association Mondiale de la Route
TISATraveller Information Services Assosiation
TRATransport Research Arena
TRBTransport Research Board
UNECEUnited Nations Economic Commission of Europe