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International exchange of experience

The scientific cooperation between the BASt and state institutions as well as commercial enterprises in Russia will be frozen with immediate effect until further notice. Research funds and the results of our research and development projects will no longer benefit Russia until further notice. There will be no joint scientific and research policy events and no exchange of scientists until further notice. New cooperation projects between the BASt and state institutions as well as commercial enterprises in Russia will not be initiated at present.

We regret this step very much, but in view of Russia's aggressive military action against Ukraine, we see no other choice. We stand for diverse international cooperation on the basis of peaceful coexistence of all nations and people. Unfortunately, Russia's military actions against Ukraine mean that this basis for cooperation is no longer given.

Our collaboration with worldwide sister institutions enables an intensive exchange of scientific experience. The oldest cooperation agreement was concluded in 1978 with TECHNION, the Israel Institute of Technology. Aim was and is it to increase road safety in both countries. Overall, cooperation agreements exist with 19 partner institutes in 12 countries.

IsraelBASt-TRI (Transportation Research Institute / Technion)1978 Traffic safety
RussiaBASt-MADI (Staatliche Technische Hochschule)1991Traffic safety
JapanBASt-NILIM (National Institute of Land and Infrastructure Management)2003Traffic safety, traffic management and traffic demand management, ITS technology, bridges engineering
JapanBASt-PWRI (Public Works Research Institute)2003Highway construction, tunnel engineering
ChinaBASt-RIOH (Research Institute of Highway)2004Traffic safety, bridges engineering, road construction and maintenance: traffic engineering with safety aspects, highway construction, maintenance and operation
IsraelBASt-INRC (Israel National Roads Company) 2008Highway construction, bridges engineering, traffic safety, traffic management
AustraliaBASt-ARRB (Australian Road Research Board)2010Highway construction, bridges engineering, traffic safety, vehicle safety, traffic safety
USABASt-NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)2010Active and passive vehicle safety
KoreaBASt-KOTSA (Korea Transportation Safety Authority) 2010Demographic change and infrastructure assessment, bicycle traffic and safety guidelines, accident analysis and safety of road infrastructure
Czech RepublicBASt-CDV, (Centrum dopravniho výzkumu, v.v.i. of the Czech Republic)2011Accident research
RussiaBASt / ISTU (Irkutsk State Technical University), 2011Highway design, traffic flow, traffic control
ChinaBASt-CATARC (China Automotive Technology and Research Center)2011Accident research
PolandBASt-GDDKiA (Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways)2012Highway construction, bridges engineering, traffic engineering
BrazilBASt-Government of the Federal District of the Federative Republic of Brazil2013Innovation and management of maintenance
JapanBASt-NTSEL (National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory)2014Vehicle safety, energy, emissions
ChinaBASt-CNIS (China National Institute of Standardization)2016Accident research
GlobalBASt-5GAA (5G Automotive Association)2020Networking of vehicles
MongoleiBASt-Mongolian Road Association-DVR2020Road and transport
RusslandBASt-ROSDORNII (Russian Road Scientific Research Institute)2020Road and transport
AustraliaBASt-ARRB (Australian Road Research Board)2022Multifunctional assessment tool for the structural evaluation and the design of pavements