Federal Highway Research Institute


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Career paths at BASt

The paths to BASt, and the tasks and activities with BASt, are diverse. Here, some employees and former employees present their career paths at BASt.

Photo of Jennifer Bednorz

Jennifer Bednorz trained as a draughtswoman in the BASt and has been working as a civil engineer in the "Bridge and Civil Engineering" department since the end of her master's degree.

Photo of Anne Lehan

Anne Lehan in her interdisciplinary field, works outside of the traditional office routine.

Photo of Thomas Jährig

Thomas Jährig did his doctorate, in addition to his scientific work as a traffic engineer.

Photo of Rolf Rabe

Rolf Rabe for two months in Australia at a sister institute of BASt.  

Photo of Karen Scharnigg

The work of Karen Scharnigg combines theoretical office work with practical experiments.

Photo of Raschid Urmeew

Raschid Urmeew has two core duties: International activities and project management.

Photo of  Frank Heimbecher

Dr. Frank Heimbecher, former head of department at BASt, is now a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster.