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Facility for active vehicle safety and driver assistance

Vehicles require periodical technical inspection (PTI) for safety and environmental reasons. BASt has installed a complete test facility in one of its test halls to handle scientific research projects relating to this issue. The test facility consists of a roller brake tester (including wheel load scale), track angle tester, headlight adjustment and scissor lift with a capacity of 3.5 tonnes, including an integrated axle play detector and jack for releasing the axles.

The picture shows the facility for Active Vehicle Safety and Driver Assistance

Test preparation

The picture shows a motorcycle equipped with different dedicated daytime running lamps Experimental vehicle equipped with different dedicated daytime running lamps

BASt is conducting research projects concerning active vehicle safety, for example with regard to daytime running lights for motorcycles, driving dynamics or the feasibility of testing electronic devices during PTI.

The preparation of test vehicles or test carriers is also performed in the facility for active vehicle safety and driver assistance. This includes the equipment of the units under test with data logging systems and sensors as required as well as the pretesting.

BASt uses various equipment to record driving dynamics characteristics, e.g. two inertial systems with differential GPS and two CAN-bus data logging systems with WLAN-supported vehicle communication for performing simultaneous measurements on several vehicles with environment sensor systems.

Technical data

  • Hall area: 36 m x 10.6 m
  • Hall height: Approx. 11 m
  • Crane: Carrying capacity 5 t

Test facility PTI components

  • track angle tester
  • dynamic brake analyser
  • 4 Pressure transmitters
  • headlight adjustment
  • scissor lift: 3.5 t
  • axle play detector
  • jack for releasing the axles

Roller brake tester

  • maximum axle load: 16 t
  • test width: 600 mm to 2800 mm
  • measuring range: 0-8/0-40 kN
  • testing speed: 2.3 km/h
  • drive power: 2 x 11 kW
Special consultants: Dr. Jost Gail