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Euro NCAP - European New Car Assessment Programme

Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) is intended to perform comprehensive, objective and independent safety evaluations of vehicles and to inform the public of the results.

The safety level of the vehicle has to be transparent and comparable for the buyer, so that it can be included in the purchasing decision. Euro NCAP also gives the automotive industry the opportunity of obtaining an independent safety evaluation of its products and using it for advertising purposes.

The Euro NCAP test procedures includes up to three "full-scale-crash- tests" plus a whiplash test and a pedestrian protection test.


During the frontal crashs, the vehicle hits a deformable barrier with 40 percent overlap at 64 kph and in a second test it hits a non-deformable barrier with full overlap at 50 kph. During the lateral impact, the vehicle is stationary and a deformable barrier impacts the driver side of the vehicle at 50 kph. An additional lateral impact test is performed with a pole at a speed of 32 kph.


A rear impact is simulated by a so called "whiplash test". This test includes geometric aspects as well as dynamic sled tests.

Pedestrian protection tests

Pedestrian protection tests are performed with impactors that represent the following body parts: Adult head, child head, upper legform, lower legform.

Accredited test laboratory

The section for passive vehicle safety is accredited to perform full scale crash tests as well as pedestrian tests.

Due to the experience obtained by performing tests to provide German’s contribution and working at the request of Euro NCAP as well as vehicle manufacturers, it enables BASt to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Euro NCAP test procedure.

The section is furthermore represented in the Euro NCAP bodies, in which the new test procedures are discussed and defined, for example the Technical Advisory Group Passive Safety and the Board of Directors.