GSB 7.0 Standardlösung


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Guide sign systems

Guidelines for signposting on highways (RWBA)

These guidelines concern the organization, design and installation of traffic signs on motorways. They make up the Blue system.

The structural and traffic-related characteristics of highways place special demands on motorway signposting. Signposting is meant, firstly, to guide traffic to destinations located outside the motorway zone and, secondly, to provide guidance within the motorway zone, for instance indicate utilities such as parking areas and other services.

The picture shows a sign on motorways Sign

The picture shows an advance sign on motorways Advance sign

Signposting is of special significance to traffic safety: It needs to provide drivers with early assistance in making decisions as regards motorway exits (connection points), motorway changes (motorway crossings and intersections) as well as rest points (parking areas, rest services).

Guidelines for signposting outside highways (RWB)

These guidelines concern the organization, design and installation of traffic signs on roads outside the interstate highway network. They make up the Yellow and White systems.

The guidelines define a signposting system for all users of the public road transportation system. Included are traffic guidance systems serving special purposes such as parking guidance and Park+Ride facilities. Guidance systems for bicyclists and pedestrians are not covered by these bodies of rules.

Guidelines for signposting tourist attractions (RtH)

The picture shows an instruction board for tourist attractions on motorways Instruction board on motorways

In recent years, tourism has gained in significance as an independent economic sector in municipalities and regions. These municipalities and regions have experienced a commensurate rise in the need to install signposts for tourists. As a result, road transport authorities have had to process an increasing number of requests for installing signposts indicating tourist destinations.

Because certain aspects of these guidelines are now outdated, they are being reviewed at present. The Road and Traffic Research Society has accordingly established a work group for revising the RtH guidelines. The objective here is to create a practical basis for a standardized nationwide signposting of tourist destinations.