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Road network safety analysis (ESN)

The ensuring of a high degree of road safety is one of the basic requirements of roads in Germany today. However, sections of the historically grown road network in Germany do exist, which no longer correspond to the science and technology of current technical standards and can no longer ensure a safe traffic flow in accordance with present-day requirements. The identification of safety deficits in the road network necessitates section-specific accident analyses. These form a key basis for road safety work both at a federal and state level. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) has recommended that the "Recommendations for the Safety Analysis of Road Networks" (German abbreviation ESN) published by the Road and Transportation Research Association (German abbreviation FGSV) be adopted (ARS 27/2003).

The adoption of this ESN meets the requirements of EU Directive 2008/96/EC concerning safety management for road infrastructure. One of the requirements laid down is the safety classification of the road network in operation (Article 5). The aim is to make targeted use of available funds for measures to be undertaken at road sections with a high accident frequency in order to achieve the maximum possible improvement of road safety in a cost-efficient way.

In addition to individual federal states, the BASt has already successfully adopted the ESN to the federal trunk road network (map). This experience has been fed into the ESN revision process currently taking place. In addition, information for the IT-supported application is also included in the revision.