GSB 7.0 Standardlösung


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The picture shows BASt's Load frame

Test Facilities


SMART-DECK is an intelligent strengthening and protective system. It is intended to permit for the first time full-area real time moisture monitoring, section-by-section controllable preventive cathodic corrosion protection (pccp) as well as an increase in the load-bearing capacity in transverse direction in bridges. A demonstrator was completed on the grounds of the BASt in April 2016 to assess and optimise the entire system.

SMART-DECK of the BASt (refer to: SMART-DECK)

Load frame

Our road network contains a large number of engineering structures: tunnels, bridges, supporting structures or openings. They are exposed to many different impacts during their useful life.

Load frame of the BASt (refer to: Load frame)

Model tunnel

Since 2016, the model tunnel at BASt has provided a tool with which even complex tunnel geometries can be simulated at a scale of 1:18 and can be examined with respect to ventilation issues.

Model tunnel of the BASt (refer to: Model tunnel)