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Parking space management for trucks at motorway service stations with intelligent controlled compact parking

The steadily increasing truck traffic makes it necessary to expand parking capacities. Intelligent controlled parking procedures could contribute to a more effective use of existing parking spaces. On behalf of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), the development of an algorithm for compact parking was verified and the application evaluated under real conditions at a service area. Both the functionality and the practical suitability of the procedure could be proven.

An increase in capacity can be achieved by making better use of the available space at the service area. Due to compact parking in series, three trucks can usually be parked in a row, where previously only two trucks could be parked. Both the functionality and practical suitability of the compact parking system have been demonstrated. The procedure is reliable and shows an extremely high system availability of 99.9 percent. This created a basis for further developing this form of parking space management and possibly equipping further rest areas with it.

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