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Driving skills and vehicle automation

Which effect the increasing level of vehicle automation can have on the acquisition of driving skills of learner and novice drivers is an important research question. To what scale automation affects the learned and skilled driving process is especially relevant. Previous research on general automation effects has largely assumed that drivers have driving experience. The question of what potential driver assistance systems and vehicle automation have for learner and novice drivers remained largely unanswered. On behalf of BASt, the Chair of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich investigated whether increasing vehicle automation could possibly lead to a loss of driving skills. At the same time, the requirements for the acquisition of skills and the need for further research were to be determined.

The study shows the need for research resulting from increasing vehicle automation, taking into account driving skills and the acquisition of driving skills. The results will be made available to experts, practitioners and transport policy decision-makers in the field of road safety.

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Research compact 03/2019


Influence of increasing vehicle automation on driving skills and driving skills acquisition
Reports of the Federal Highway Research Institute, book F 126, 2019

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