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Fitness to drive, driver training and improvement

Key Performance Indicator Alcohol - Development of a Methodology and Initial Survey (82.0758)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that can be used to measure or determine progress or degree of achievement against key objectives or critical success factors. In the area of road safety, KPIs are used to measure the effectiveness and demonstrate progress of road safety measures and initiatives. Driving under the influence of alcohol is still a significant problem for road safety. For a valid survey of a KPI in the area of drink-driving, the EU Commission recommends conducting regular roadside surveys. This survey methodology cannot be implemented in Germany. The aim of this project is to develop a methodology for surveying the KPI "Alcohol in Road Traffic" and to conduct a first survey. The repeated implementation of the survey at a time interval yet to be defined must be possible over many years.

Preparing of novice drivers in Germany - Development of an implementation concept for the optimisation of driver training (82.0706)
The BASt project OFSA " Approaches to the optimisation of driver education in Germany" (BASt Report M 269) critically examined the content, methods and implementation forms of driving education and developed scientifically based approaches for its further development. The aim of this project is to develop a competence framework and a framework curriculum for driver training on the basis of the completed OFSA project and ongoing research and development work. Binding competence standards and minimum training content are to be defined in the competence framework. The framework curriculum is to provide recommendations on content, methods and media for training modules. The competence framework and framework curriculum must be dovetailed with the adjoining areas of measures for preparing new drivers, in particular the driving licence examination and the training of driving instructors.