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duraBASt: Demonstration, testing and reference area of the Federal Highway Research Institute

Interview with BASt President Stefan Strick

The picture shows Stefan Strick

Are you satisfied that the planning and construction time of the duraBASt is over now?

For a scientific research facility, the planning and construction of this area was a completely new challenge with unique requirements. Without our colleagues from the Landesbetrieb Straßenbau and the support from the BMVI Department of Road Construction, we could hardly have mastered these tasks.
Unfortunately, the process took longer than planned, but we were already able to launch four national or European research projects during the construction phase. From October 2017, we will finally tackle the long list of projects that are waiting for us with full force.

Why is the duraBASt so important for BASt?

The duraBASt is a flagship in Euro-pean road construction research. In order not to rely solely on laboratory tests, research under virtually real conditions is indispensable. This is the only way to fulfill our task of developing road construction and road building materials which meet the expectations of the users and withstand the challenges of the future.

What is the value of the duraBASt for the “Road in the 21st Century”?

The framework research program of BMVI and BASt for a viable road can only be implemented if both science and industry have the opportunity to test innovative ideas. This prerequisite is created by the duraBASt. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to calibrate and evaluate measuring systems on reference road segments.

Which development perspectives do you see for the duraBASt?

Within the framework of a mobility strategy for the future, the road of the future can adopt the role of an innovation motor. The new demonstration, investigation and reference areas at duraBASt offer research and industry the potential to meet this demand even under changing conditions.

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