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The Federal Highway Research Institute - BASt – is a research institute of the Federal Transport Ministry and has the task of promoting the development of the road sector. With this aim in mind it provides scientifically verified support to the Ministry in decisions on technical issues and transport policy.

BASt conducts its own research to satisfy this function as well as coordinating and supervising research projects and analysing the results.

Research funding

The federal government supports projects of special interest. BASt publishes current funding calls on individual programmes which it supervises.

Research projects

Information on ongoing and completed projects is provided in the specialised sections:


  • Improving and increasing efficiency of construction and maintenance and improving reliability of road infrastructure
  • Improving efficiency of the road transport system
  • Improving road safety
  • Improving environmental friendliness of road construction and road transport
  • Strengthening resilience of the road transport system
  • Strengthening technological progress in the road transport system

Research lines

  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Optimal maintenance
  • Life-cycle-oriented sustainable construction and operation of the infrastructure
  • The post-fossil society: improved utilisation of finite resources in road construction
  • Strengthening the civil security of the road infrastructure
  • Reducing the negative consequences of climate change
  • The road traffic system: intelligent use and interlinked
  • Development of measures to cope with future goods traffic
  • Development of requirements for safer and non-polluting electric vehicles
  • Protection of our environment: climate, soil, water, air, nature and landscape
  • Low-noise traffic
  • Pedestrian and bicycle traffic as users of the road traffic system
  • Design and equipping of safe roads
  • Operating safe roads
  • Safe and environmentally friendly vehicle technology
  • Demographic change - maintaining safe mobility
  • Reducing the number of very serious road traffik casualties
  • Risk groups: realising additional safety benefits
  • Improving traffic safety by continuing the development of behaviour-related procedural approaches

Interdisciplinary subjects

  • Simulation: models and reality
  • Electromobility in the road traffic of the future
  • Future road traffic: infrastructure
  • The road system as part of the mobility system
  • Innovations: evaluation for integration into practice

Further information