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What does autonomous driving actually mean?

Autonomous driving is a term that we encounter very frequently in the media. Especially word combinations such as "autonomous mode" or "autonomous driving" are often used for purposes other than those intended. As a result, the meaning of the term becomes blurred. The central terms and their implications for the driver will therefore be explained here in more detail.

Assisted mode

Grafik zum assistierten Modus

Once activated, the system supports the driver in performing the driving task. Irrespective of the extent of support, the driver must constantly monitor the system and the environment.
Example: BMW Driving Assistant Professional, Tesla Autopilot


Automated mode

Grafik zum automatisierter Modus

While the system is driving the vehicle, the driver can engage in non-driving related tasks. The prerequisite is that the driver remains receptive to requests from the system that demands the driver to take over the driving task again. The system offers the driver sufficient time to resume the driving task.
Example: Audi AI traffic jam pilot


Autonomous mode

Grafik zum autonomen Modus

The system operates the vehicle. People on board are passengers and have no driving tasks.
Example: autonomous buses in Monheim (NRW)