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The BASt can support research projects in the field of passive safety of vehicles with numerical simulations.

The photo shows simulation models

Crash simulation is now established as an essential tool for the development of new products, in particular for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as the design concept and the material selection can already be supported in the early phases of development. Also in research projects impact simulation has been established as a valuable tool.

Methods of numerical simulation have been used as part of the activities in different EU research projects. Within the EU 2012 finalized project IMVITER the framework for a virtual type approval process was investigated and exemplarily applied to some ECE regulations in the field of passive vehicle safety. Furthermore, the extension of test procedures and test tools was evaluated for pedestrian protection with virtual methods.

In the ASSESS project simulation was used to investigate assessment methods for pre-crash systems. Also in the EU project AsPeCCS numerical simulation is applied with the aim to develop a method to enable integrated assessment of vehicle safety systems for pedestrian protection.

Logo of the projects imviter, ASSESS and aspecss