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The Federal Highway Research Institute inter alia provides different data for simple and free research in the mCLOUD, a new data portal of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

mCLOUD is a new data portal of the Federal Ministry of Transport, making the wealth of data held by the Ministry and its subordinate authorities, such as mobility, geo and weather data, available to research centrally and free of charge. mCLOUD is a growing system and is also open to data from the academic and industrial world.

the picture shows the mCLOUD logo

mCLOUD is aimed primarily at founders, start-ups, providers of mobility services as well as scientists and administration.


mCLOUD has been in operation since May 2016. At the start it comprises data from the areas of mobility (road, rail, water, and air traffic), weather and climate as well as waters. They include:

  • Data from 1,700 counting stations of the Federal Highway Research Institute (road capacity utilisation, traffic density)
  • Times of the tides and water levels in the German Bight
  • Real time data on the levels of the federal waterways
  • Time series of the over 1,000 climate stations of the German Meteorological Service
  • Timetable data of the Deutsche Bahn including data on the parking space situation at train stations

mCLOUD and mobility data marketplace (MDM)

Both platforms are part of the overall strategy of the Federal Ministry of Transport to promote intelligent mobility in Germany. Whilst mCLOUD is a freely accessible open data portal for data searches, MDM provides registered users with extensive functions for the offering, subscription to and exchange of online data.

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