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The photo shows the Vehicle Engineering Test Facility of the BASt

Large-Scale Testing Plants

Facility for Active Vehicle Safety and Driver Assistance
Vehicles require periodical technical inspection (PTI) for safety and environmental reasons. BASt has installed a complete test facility in one of its test halls to handle scientific research projects relating to this issue.
Vehicle Engineering Test Facility - Crash Test Facility
BASt’s crash test facility is used for scientific findings of active and passive vehicle safety. Furthermore BASt is an Euro NCAP accredited test laboratory, where all types of EURO NCAP crash tests (frontal, side and pole impact as well as whiplash) are performed.
Vehicle Engineering Test Facility - Driving Dynamics Test Area
The Vehicle Engineering Test Facility (FTVA) of BASt includes an outside proving ground that is used for testing of vehicle safety, tyre/pavement issues and the safety of road equipment components. 

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